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Your Recreation Destination for the Oregon Coast

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Come try out your luck in the Pacific Ocean, Umpqua River, or one of our many nearby lakes.


Our sandy beaches will have you leaving with sea treasures, sand in-between your toes, and a smile on your face.  

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Known for the tallest dunes in Oregon, Winchester Bay is home to Banshee Hill, DuneFest, Raptor Rally and miles of sand to test your skills.

Eagle Flying

 There are at least 137 different bird species present on the National Recreation Area during any time of the year. The dunes are also home to black tail deer, bobcats, squirrels and seasonal black bears.  Also nearby is the Deans Creek Elk Viewing.

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The Umpqua River Lighthouse is known for its history and red lens that shoots an incredible light out 24-hours a day.  Stop by the gift shop and take a tour of the spiral cased lighthouse.

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Philip Boe Memorial Park Sign.jpg

Philip Boe Memorial Park

Philip Boe Memorial Park is a great place to take the kids for an afternoon of play or a family luncheon. Its located in the heart of Winchester Bay on Beach Blvd.

Looking for something to do?

  • Take a walk on the beach, collect sea shells, fly a kite. 

  • Drop a crab pot in the water from the crab dock. Crabbing is allowed year-round in bays, estuaries, tide pools, piers and jetties. Check licensing requirements. May use crab rings, pots or baited lines. Dungeness and Red Rock crabs available. 

  • Clamming: Mussels, soft-shell, bay, butter, littleneck, cockie and gaper clams available. All local waters open for clamming. Check licensing requirements. 

  • Storm Watching: Park at the Lighthouse and watch winter waves and storms pound the Oregon coast.

  • Take your catch to Sportsmen's Cannery to be processed or packed in ice.

  • Watch them shuck oysters at Umpqua Aquaculture.

  • Whale Watching: Try to spot a whale from the lighthouse or from Wayfinder's Point. From November through May, view the migration of gray whales from the Artic Sea to Baja California and back. By December they are seen in large numbers off the Oregon Coast. Adult males and females without calves pass Oregon in March and April going north. Females with calves can pass as late as May. Look for the vapor blow or for portions of the head, back ridge or tail as the mammals surface. An adult whale will reach 46 feet long. Early morning or calm overcast days are the best for spotting whales.

  • Rent an off-road vehicle for a fun ride on the tallest dunes in Oregon.

  • Feed the ducks and geese. Sacks of grain can be purchased at the Stockade Market. 

  • Watch the sunset. 

  • Bird watching: Watch for eagles or osprey along the river.

  • Walk a mile around Lake Marie by the lighthouse. 

  • Take a picnic to the beach, along the riverfront, or one of our parks. 

  • Try some windsurfing in the river.

  • Take one of the beautiful hikes on the Oregon Dunes or at the beach - Trails for all skill levels. 

  • Take a tour of our historic Umpqua River Lighthouse.

  • Rent a fat tire bike from the Winchester Bay RV Resort and stroll along the bay or on the beach. 

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